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5 Tips To Ensure Your Flying Dog Will Be In The Airplane Cabin With You


The biggest benefit of knowing some airline regulations about traveling with your dog,is that you will avoid hassles and stress.I am a dog owner who has to travel quite often and I hate to leave my dog in a kennel all the time.  I used to stress out to the max when ever I thought about flying with my pet. Finally, I took it upon myself to research the various airlines and their regulations.  As it turned out, the rules weren’t very restrictive and if I followed them correctly, I would have no hassles and no stress.I want to pass a few of these findings on to you right now.Tip #1The majority of large airlines have dog travel plans but you will need to ensure you explore their regulations when contemplating which to select.  Below are a few airlines allowing for your dog to travel in the cabin along with you, in the event that your dog is small enough and is in a plane carrier.  Pet Airways American Airlines Delta Airlines  Continental Airlines  Southwest Airlines  Tip #2Practically all the airlines that transport dogs will have very similar rules, such as, there can be only one pet carrier per ticketed passenger if the dog will be in the cabin. Other rules that might apply, could be, the carrier may contain two (2) dogs, but they have to be at least 8-weeks old and of the same breed. On top of that, the container and the dog combined, can weigh no more than 20 pounds. You ought to be very mindful of the weight.  If it is too weighty your dog might end up in the baggage compartment. Tip #3To make certain that your dog will be allowed in the cabin, check to make sure that the carrier is within accepted guidelines. The maximum size for cabin pet carriers is 19″ long x 13″ wide x 9″ high. Soft-sided pet carriers may be a little larger because they are more flexible. But make sure that your dog can move around and get themselves comfortable.  Tip #4Make no mistake on this one, dogs must stay in the carrier through the flight.  If you violate this rule you could well be banned from flying with your dog again. Tip #5Call ahead to make reservations for your dog in the cabin. All airlines only allow a certain number of animals in the cabin, so make sure your dog has a reserved spot.  I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be bumped out of the cabin by a cat. Almost all Vets will be of the same opinion that it is best not to sedate your dog throughout travel. There are scenarios that may require sedation, if your dog tends to be very hyper and wild.  I would meet with a Vet to obtain the mildest sedative achievable for the breed and size of the dog.No pet owner wants to leave their dog behind just because they are traveling on an airplane.   If you have the correct size dog carrier, do some planning and research the airline regulations, you can figure out how to travel with your dog on an airline.  You will also discover that your flying dog can be in the cabin with you during the entire flight.

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